Monday, January 07, 2013

Gobble Gobble

I didn't get farther than to make the three separate patterns of my latest quilt.  I wanted to make sure all the lines
met up exactly on one part to another.  It makes for a much better crop in the end.  I then started to consider fabric combination choices but got side tracked by this disgusting looking
bird that kept coming into the yard next to the studio.  I googled turkey vulture and I think that is what this is.  There have been several flying around the neighborhood.  
Everytime I came to the window to snap a picture
he took off.  We were wondering why they were around and never have been before but the area is suffering from terrible red tide and the fish corpses are very prevalent in the waterways.  Some places smell awful.  This is the worst red tide I have ever encountered.

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azcupcake said...

yup, looks like a turkey vulture. Does it have like a 6ft wing spread and an ugly naked head?
They migrate. Hinckley, Ohio has a festival every spring - just like the sparrows returning to Capistrano.