Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here I Go Again

I realize that the problem I have with the blog is that I feel that unless I can't get online, I have to blog.  I think that I will try again and just do it when I feel like it and not when I don't.  So, that's where it stands right now.  I really miss the blog.

My girlfriend Jayne was here all this week but left to visit some lesser friends (ha ha) on the other coast.  We had a very nice visit and caught up on all the things that have happened since the last time we saw each other.  We hit most of the local restaurants and did some shopping.  Jayne even mastered the curly scarf while she was here.  She loved dog park and figured out why I go everyday that I am around.

I just got off my bike after biking with my friend Wendy for an hour after dog park.  It is always the slowest time of the day so it's a good time to get in a little extra exercise.

And now for some Violet fix.
I have a very strong feeling that she may be picking out her own outfits.
I don't know where I got that idea but for some reason it just came to me.


nobody said...

I enjoy your blog. I found through the Chicago School of Fusing, and I've been reading it for years. I think you cover a wide range of topics, and I enjoy the recipes, quilts and of course, pics of the adorable Violet.

I don't comment often, but I'm loyal lurker.

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Violet is developing a distinct style. Love it. Good sense of color.

Synthia said...

Glad you decided to stay. I missed you.
Love Violet's hat!! (smile)

Irene said...

Yaaaaaayyyyy - you're back!!! I love Violet's sense of style - she'd look adorable in anything!

Miracles said...

VJ has her own style....too cute