Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hitting The Links

I had to prove to the world that I actually went golfing.  When I put on my golf glove, the trim was falling off, disintegrating.
Wendy is my go to gal that will pretty much do anything with me.  She is the one that got me to start biking again.
I am not sure if I missed this ball on the first swipe or not.  I appear to have my eye on the ball, which is not always the case.
Susie is the golfer and put our little threesome together.  G would have joined us if it wasn't so early in the morning.
The eagles were very noisy, chatting away.  They were in the tree closest to their next.  Rumor has it (actually the local paper) that they share the task of sitting on their eggs.  They have been nesting here since before we joined the club, seven or more years ago.  They mate forever; no divorce stats for them!
I love the fact that this bird was just sitting on the ridge of this bridge while we noisily passed it.  These creatures are definitely used to humans!  No alligators sunning while I was there.  It was probably too early in the morning but I did see a couple tops of heads in the shallow end of the waters.

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