Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I Call Myself a Seamstress

I decided to make some little clothes from patterns I got at Houston.  I couldn't resist the name of the pattern company.  Violette Field Threads.
Of course, I wanted their exact fabric, but that wasn't happening.  The first skirt I made was with
fabric I had on hand.  It was the prototype and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't see the third row of ruffles so I tried again
and this time was more successful by placing the rows closer together.

This blouse caught my eye but now that I have this pattern and realize that I can change up the dress, I will make it in the future.  I first gave a shot to the blouse.
Every time I do a button hole I have to get out my manual.  I retain very little from day to day.
The pattern holds patterns for sizes 2 through 10 so I have made my own size 2 out of tissue paper and will repeat that with every size change.  I no longer use scissors but rather use weights and a rotary cutter which makes everything much faster.  
I have yet to make this darling little jacket.  That's next.
Here's a bad photo of the size changes from 2 to 10.  It appears that the older you get, the faster you grow!


Susan Turney said...

Those little skirts are ADORABLE! Lucky Violet!

Miracles said...

Adorable little skirt. Good job

Marion Caspers said...

It all came out great.I would love to do it for my granddaughter too.