Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is This Like A Mother Lifting A Car To Save Her Child?

My girlfriend had a tumble yesterday and it reminded me of me.  She was getting out of her car in her own driveway when she stumbled and,
to save her new shoes,
did considerable damage
 to her leg and foot, without a drop of blood on her new sandals.  That's my gal!

Something very similar happened to me, way back when.  I was working in an office and one of the two owners of the business was getting married. I had made a beautiful large wedding cross-stitch as my wedding gift to the happy couple.  I had taken it to The Great Frame Up and had it stretched, matted and framed.  I brought it to work to show my fellow office rats the completed work.  Leaving to go home that night, I had the frame in my arms and because it was after 5 p.m. in December, it was dark in the parking lot and I couldn't see the black ice.  Down I went.  I saved the art but broke two bones in my leg.  I had to go to the wedding in a cast.  I would have never broken anything if I hadn't fallen in a manner to save the frame.

I also remember that I had to wait several days to have it cast because my leg immediately swelled up and got enormous.  I can't remember how long I stayed crumbled up in the parking lot before someone took notice because this was before cell phones and  but I still can remember holding my frame up so that the cold ice wouldn't get on the wood. It was a very awkward pose I had to hold myself in.  Go figure.

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It's probably not as raw looking today.