Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jock Toys

It became time to get out some of my old toys.  This first one needed some TLC because
hanging from a garage ceiling for a year of negligence needed some fixing up.  My bike has gone through a few very long treks and tires, brakes and lubing were necessary checks.  I had to check my special bike shoes that clip onto the pedals for critters before donning them.  I took my first cruise in over a year yesterday.  I was a little surprised that I was a little shaky at first, forgetting how to stop without falling off, due to being hooked onto the bike.  It didn't take long before I was back in 'the saddle'.  I will need to work on the 'saddle' part tho' before I sign up for the big rides.  40 minutes and I wanted a soak!
Also being checked for critters (G does that for me) was my golf supplies (wrong term of course). but this is a grab it and go setup.  Everything, including golf shoes, are in my bag.  I promised some girls (why?) to meet up with them in less than an hour for a round of golf (nine holes, which is at least three too many).  Oh well; our club has alligators and eagles and I haven't been there yet this year so why not?  Plus, I go by the grocery store on the way home and that is something that I have not done since I got back south.  Wow, is that true?  Yep.

I'll take my camera.


Robbie said...

Only one grocery shopping for you!! YIKES!! You may not believe this but I've spend OVER $600 @ Publix and we've only been here two weeks!!!!! Plus, we've eaten out four times! Figure that out!

Linda said...

I do enjoy these updates from you. Living on the "other" coast it's fun to catch a glimpse into how different Florida is.. in California if an alligator showed up on a gold course it would make National News!

Miracles said...

How's your game?