Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was in the grocery store on Sunday (last) and thought seriously about windmill cookies. Do you remember them? I am thinking they must have been super cheap for me to even be familiar with them. All the cookies in my life were homemade (least expensive) and it was a major thorn in the side of all my siblings and myself. Lunches with other kids? They had Twinkies and we had oatmeal raisin cookies. Very embarrassing at the time, or so I thought.  It just singled us out and now, being an adult, it just makes me wish I was smarter when I was younger.

Back to the cookies;  I came home and brought up the windmill cookie issue with G and he said, 'oh yeah, I loved those cookies.  I picked all the almonds out before eating them'.  That was enough.  I googled windmill cookies and came up with lots of hits.  I feel like one of the gang.  I told G that I was gonna make them and make a diabetic version, as that was the first one I came across my computer search and anyway, somebody I know somewhere is probably pre diabetic and would appreciate it if they happened to visit.    Another run to the grocery store was in order so it put off my baking another day.  I needed ground mace, cloves and sugar free maple syrup.   I already had enough Truvia and Stevia in the house to put anyone in a sugar free coma.
I made the dough and split it up into several 'press and seal' tubes (not the best shape, to be sure) and put them in the freezer, adding another day to the cookie eating.  They were nice and frozen the next day so I took them out and placed them in the refrigerator before going out for some serious cardio.  Later that day, I sliced them into just under a quarter inch thick and cooked them as the recipe called for; ten minutes.
Ten minutes grew to just under twenty minutes and they were starting to color so I took them out (first tray) and left the other three in the oven, for several minutes more.  We tested them the next day and decided that the smell was perfect and the after taste was perfect but  they were soft and that would not do.  They need to be hard as a rock; good for dunking.  So, yesterday we decided that they needed to go back into the oven.  I chose 400º over 350º as the recipe said and preheated the oven.  I proceeded to go into the studio and work on my Moses baskets and three hours later, after the return of G from some task, he asked me if I still wanted the oven on.  We were due to go out and socialize so I put off the cookie task again.

Now, another day has passed.  It is now Saturday and tomorrow will be a week since I thought about the cookies.  I may have lost the spunk needed to make the windmill cookies. Is this how the brain works after collecting social security for only eight months? 

No, I think it's the fact that my almonds are inside and not visible to pick off and more importantly, where's the windmill? 


Beth in TN said...

Voortman still makes these. They have a sugar-free version too. Here's what the package looks like:

Vicky F said...

Hi Tommy,
If you are so inclined, email me your mailing address and I will send you some yummy, crispy windmill cookies (Steenstra) made in my town (Hudsonville) by real Dutch people. You will be hooked.
I keep a package on hand for unexpected company but we usually eat them before anyone shows up.
Vicky F