Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Plugging Away

It seems like forever since I started my new project on the closet door and then pretty much abandoned it. But now that I think of it, I have been in Florida only two weeks so I guess I am not that pathetic.
This is the picture of the three parts of my newest work; it looks like they are connected but actually they are three separate patterns, just overlapped.

I got a little sidetracked from working on the pieces; what with the little skirts and things.  Then I started to repurpose my studio and although many a bug dropping has been removed from the drawers, it is a long and very messy job.  My focus has changed a bit since I built the studio and things that are up front and center now don't necessarily have to be.  I will plug away at it but now, back to the new piece.

I made all the pattern pieces on freezer paper and then cut out the first of the three quilts.

I used my favorite technique of ironing the freezer paper on the fabric (mirror image) and then applying spray starch to the seam allowance and ironing it to the back side.  Then I tape it to the background fabric and sew it down.
After it's sewn down I cut out the background fabric and carefully remove the freezer paper.  I try to keep it pretty much intact in case I choose to make it differently later.  I have been know to do that.
This is the first third, all pieced but not quilted.  I want to do all three pieces before I decide how to quilt it.

The second of three parts is up on the window and ready for me do start.   Now, there's a problem in itself!

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dee said...

Another amazing piece on the way. Love the colors too.