Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beach Babes

Here we are this year at the place where, for the last eight years, we have basically posed in the very same spot and position.  The last two years my sis was included but she couldn't make it during this trip due to obligations.  Hopefully she will be able to make it down this season at another time.  Here is a link to the last couple years pictures where Mike was included.   Peggy is first in line followed by me, Anne, and Jean Ann.

And of course, food is involved.  Everything we have here is wonderful.  Food pictures?  Why not?

This is Peg's mahi mahi sandwich with mango salsa and a good pasta salad on the side.  Fries, of course, are a must!

This is Jeannie's fried shrimp.  They were massive!  Compare the size of the
lemon and then the shrimp.  More like prawns to me.

Anne and I both had the grouper rueben.  We should have split it because it's not something you can take home and we only finished half due to the massiveness of it.  Yum!

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