Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have named this chick Beatrice.  She looks like a Bea

don't ya think?  She reminds me of my paternal grandmother, Mooey.  Although I had never seen my grandmother imbibe in anything alcohol, I could so see her retrieving olives.  Oh, and I fashioned her body after good ole' granny.
At the time I was making this I wanted to exaggerate
the martini glasses because it's always why I wanted to drink martini's.  The glass.
Now I wish I made the stems shorter.  Live and learn.  Here's a closeup

of the detail.  I chose to go this route because I couldn't differentiate  between face and
hand due to their color being the same.  There is actually no quilting on this piece at all.  It is just the top
(Beatrice being bad) that is stretched over a frame covered with batting.

Beatrice measures 20 wide by 32 long.
Normally I am framing for myself or other family members so I don't bother hiding the staples on the back but because I made this for a silent auction, I decided to cover the back.  I did that with batik that was had fusible on the back and then I just ironed it to the edges of the fabric I stretched around to the back and stapled.  It just came to me when I realized I had nothing big enough to cover the back.


Susan Turney said...

LOVE the bra straps!

Synthia said...

I think Bea is sensational!!! This piece should bring a tidy sum. Frankly, I don't see how you can bare to part with her.