Monday, February 25, 2013

Hamburger Hamlet

I must have a condiment look about me because this is not the first time I was gifted
various contraptions for the housing of condiments for hot dogs and now hamburgers!  I love all of it.  To me, it makes the word fixins' have a whole new light.  My college roomie Maggie saw these and knew that she had to get them for me.  I love the little rectangular bowls for the toppings and the top hamburger replica has a lid that comes off, for whatever you want to put in to it.
Along with that terrific gift, the matching salt and pepper shakers are stand alone great.  The mere sight of these two things made me think of the cocktail party I am having tomorrow eve.  I decided to make mini hamburgers and then use my new gifts.  We grabbed Wendy and went to the store (and then to lunch, of course) and came home and I made my mini hamburger buns (frozen but then thawed loaf bread as yet uncooked) and made the mini burgers and decided that they wouldn't stay together for reheating unless I used my glue (ketchup and mustard mixed together along with a sliver of cheese).
So I may just fill the condiment compartments with fresh flowers or nuts or something.  I will figure it out.

Genie and Micky are joining Maggie and I for a day of fun and antics and we are having a sleep over tonight.  Three of my faces with me?  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

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Miracles said...

What an ingenious cookout serving accessory. Now, I want one.