Friday, February 22, 2013

Last But Not Least

Anne is my last profile. She is the baby of our group and so we make her do all the stuff that we don't want to do, blaming our advanced ages. She's fully cooperative in this.
She did this whole quilt by her second day here.  It is all batiks.  Along with Jean Ann, she is a true lover of batiks.

Anne cut out and pieced this king sized quilt top.

It is her first original design that she drew on graph paper.  She is an accountant so that explains a lot.
It is very neutral and is done that way on purpose because it is a wedding present for her son and his bride and this  color scheme was what they wanted.  No sense having a perfectly good quilt not used and stuffed away somewhere because it wasn't what they wanted.

This is a delightful  group of blocks that will eventually be completely sashed with the half square triangles.  I got to do some ripping out for her yesterday due to faulty directions.  I am gonna steal this quilt idea from her.

I just got back from the store and realized that I didn't post this yet.  Sometimes I just walk away and forget to push the Publish button.   The mind is the first to go.


Gayle from MI said...

Great projects all! Always looking for good scrap quilt patterns. What did you work on while they were there? Besides of course making sure they all had a great time.

dee said...

what a talented and fun group you have. I especially like the scrappy batik in this post.
Have you finished your triptich yet? Loving what I've seen so far.

The food looks yummy.