Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Stuff

Fat Tuesday; what to eat, that's the thought right now.  We have a Mardi Gras tonight.

As far as yesterdays, 'The I's Have It'  BIG won over  little  by a very very large margin.  I will be finishing that up today and show you the results.

The paper today (of course, via G) was pretty funny about the Pope stepping down;  lots of pontification.  Two particularly funny blurbs were ' The Pope Gives God Three Weeks Notice' and 'The Holy See, You Later"

My girlfriend Jayne sent me this picture yesterday of her grand daughter Reese posing in her newly painted bedroom in San Diego.
She is holding up a wall hanging that I made her when she was born, in 2006.  They are still using it in the decor.  I typed Reese's name in the top white box of my blog and the actual wall hanging and how I did it so that it could be reused by another kid shows up much better in this blog entry.

It is looking back at stuff like this and I want to go back to the beginning, ever so slowly and read the blog.  I can't remember what I did yesterday so this would be like reading another persons blog, if I could find the time to do that.

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