Friday, February 15, 2013

The Doings

Yesterday was a very odd day. It rained all day and we haven't seen a drop here in forever.   We had a small lake at the end of our driveway.  Today it's like it never happened although everything smells fresh.  Where my lake went, I can't imagine.  Bella and I went out for the morning elimination and it was risky business finding a place to stop that wasn't waterlogged.  We needed the rain badly.  I even forgot that it was Valentines Day!

My day consisted of getting all the necessary materials for quilting my tryptic.  I ran out of pins after basting two  (I use the bent pins; easier on the hands) and so decided to start quilting one and then leave the last two to quilt when my girlfriends come this weekend.

I have a cocktail party to go to tonight and  brought a thought that has been in my brain for awhile to fruition for a  hostess gift.  I don't always bring one (other than a bottle of wine) but this one is a little different; payback.  I have the bulk done but need to finish them up and then I will share them with you.  I think you will want do do this yourself.  Yeah?

I was just thinking of what to name this entry.  Often it comes to me in a second.  Sometimes it's nonsensical and other times it's spot on.  Days like today, I haven't a clue as to what to top the post off with.  Then I remembered the name of a local paper where we lived when the kids were growing up that I always liked the name of.  It was called The Doings.  From now on, when I am at a loss for a caption, no more Stuff, What's Happening, What's Going On, This and That.  It will now officially be The Doings.  I hope I am not doing  something that needs copyright permission!

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