Friday, February 08, 2013

The Great Coverup

I just renewed my script for Celebrex and it is $484!!! Counting a couple ointments for skin crap and the stuff I wash my face with for rosecea I am $700 poorer. I don't know how people that actually take lots of meds afford it.

I decided a while back to change the loveseat in both my studios because it was taking me a bit of effort to straighten up and walk without a temporary limp after removing my body.  Both pieces of furniture were under $500 (much like my Celebrex) and had lasted way past their prime.  I decided that black leather was no longer the way to go due to the staining from sun screen, which is my constant companion.  I ended up getting this small couch that fits the size qualifications perfectly.  Three out of my five quilting group can happily cozy up on this to watch some serious Honey Boo Boo.  
The two outside sections are recliners.  I have never really done a recliner and I am trying to get used to it but so far it's awkward.  This couch is much better in craftsmanship than my last one so I want to baby it for a bit and save it from immediate ruination due to sunscreen.  I decided to make a slip cover but then I realized that I don't know how to do that with the recliners, changing the shape all the time when they are used.  So, temporarily at least, until I get my ingenious girlfriends to give me their advice, I have decided on a throw.  I think my mom was a  big user of throws, that is, after one of us ruined a couch with fingernail polish or the equalivent damage.  They hid a multitude of sins.  After two days of 'the throw' I was hating it.  It never stayed put.  I know there are those upholstery pins that have a curly que end and hold throws down (again, my mom used them) but they just don't cut it with leather.  So I made the throw much much larger and then figured even with hanging all the way down the back and front, and with a little tuck room it would work.  It did for a day or two (does it sound like I do an  exorbitant amount of sitting?)  I decided the back needed to be weighed down.  I had these clips from the dollar store that I just had to have several years ago and thought that they maybe could help with my  shifting fabric problem.  We (G and I) looked around the house for something that we could tie onto the clips to weigh it down but nothing surfaced.

Bella and I got onto our golf cart and went to the hardware store where I got 8 ounce fishing weights.   These were intended for some very large fish!  I used fishing line to tie them unto my six for a buck clips.
I placed them equidistant along the back of the couch.

It's not the best looking thing in the world (it reminds me of a housecoat) but it will save the surface for awhile.  After all that, I have decided to just have a quilt made to throw over the spot I am sitting when I have sunscreen on.  It sometimes takes me lots of thought to come around to the correct and better looking solution.  
Oh, and I got a new throw rug to better blend in.

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Gayle from MI said...

Great solution to the throw troubles. I have never understood the fascination with slip covers for this very reason. Of course (according to my deceased FIL) if I had ever learned to sit on furniture properly I might not have that problem. Whatever. I really like your rug too.