Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Quilters Are Coming Today

This is interesting; babies born today have a greater chance of living to 100 than being left handed. I didn't make it up. It was on the news.

I was talking to my DD and we got to talking and I had a brain fart and said that she had never sent me a picture of the 'Tearful Tree Too' that I made for her office wall.  Now, with an iPhone, she said that she would take a picture and send it to me right then.  And she did.  I love the method for hanging this. You can check it out at this link.

I made Chicken Noodle Soup yesterday for the very first time.  It is so simple.  I did shopping and prep and cooking in less than an hour.  The elderly man next door (90) has the flu so I told his much younger wife (87) that I would make him soup.  I made enough for the whole neighborhood.

I made a few of these yesterday but don like the yellow letters; you can barely read them.  Of course, this came to me after four were complete.  I have made this before but on a block of wood and I found it very cumbersome.  I thought a soft stuffed rectangle would be more useable.  I had a cocktail party to attend last night and I thought it would made a good gift (along with 3M command strips to hang it from) so every time a guest comes to the house for a function, you don't have to answer the doorbell.  Does that make me lazy?


dee said...

Must make one of these-it sums up my entire life right now. I'll hang it on my sewing room door to keep the cobwebs company...sigh

Synthia said...

Sounds like a perfect idea to me!!

Miracles said...

You gave me a plaque with that saying some years ago. I keep it in a special my wall safe!!