Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up Next: Peggy

Peg started out with a bang, getting right to work in the sweat shop, while the rest of us quilters were more like whimpers.  She made this tote and made most of another, but was just a bit short of fabric so she will finish it up at home next week.

  And do I need this button (from JoAnn's!) or what!

Her project suitcase puts every drawer in my house to shame.  She is so organized!

She worked on all sorts of things for a bit each day.  She likes to change it up.  Yesterday we called the day a finish day.
And with much moaning and deadline coming and going, Peggy finished this table top at 6:03 p.m., which was three minutes past her last deadline; but with a wonderful ending.  She has her house on the market and two separate parties want it.  How cool is that!!!

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Irene said...

I need some of those buttons too - they are adorable! I love the border on that table topper. You run a very well organized sweat shop.