Sunday, February 24, 2013


My girlfriends left and they were followed by my BFF Maggie. I didn't even get any sheets back on the beds in the interim.
Maggie's dog, Grace Kelly, fell right into place with Bella.  We went to a restaurant for lunch  yesterday
and brought the girls.  Bella stayed in her stroller and Grace sat on the chair.  They were very interested in everything that was going on around them.
Maggie and I went to the Swashbucklers Ball for some good food, drink and both a live and a silent auction.  It was a blast.
I got my current project on the design wall, working on lining them up together but this probably won't get done anytime soon.  I did get them all quilted this past week  but had to stop to whip up a baby quilt for a new baby.  There will be plenty of time to finish when the company leaves.  For now, I am enjoying the gab!

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Miracles said...

Beautiful.....You two look like college roomies.