Monday, February 04, 2013


I am so mad at myself. I ordered all these thin, SPF 30 hoodies from Columbia (5 to be exact)and received them, cut all the tags off them and put them in my closet. This morning, bright and early, put one on for our power walk and realized that they were not the same as the one I have and based the order on. Now I will have to go into the garbage and get the return label, the plastic they were wrapped in and the tags I cut off. The company is in Portland. OR, so they won't be opened yet. I need to give them a call and figure out what top I was meant to put on this morning. You would have thought I would have noticed when I opened them? They are twice as heavy fabric as the one I posses.

I actually bought it at a store while my friend Jayne was here. She tried it on, thought it was too big and seeing as it was the only one left, I bought it. I like stuff big.
Speaking of the lovely Jayne, she is safely in Scottsdale for the winter and sent me this picture of her modeling the first of many curly scarves she will make.  Guess what you are getting for Christmas?

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