Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's Going On

I finally got some free time away from obligations and buckled down and finished the piecing
of the tryptic I started a month ago. By the way, blogger has once again changed things and I am not sure that I can get these words where I want them. I am on my own today so I have to do the exercising Bella soon before it gets too hot so I can't dilly dally. Did I just say dilly dally?
 Oh yeah. These three parts will hopefully fit together in a nice flow, but quilting comes first and I have learned not to waste my time trying to fit something together that will change slightly with quilting .  There's a lot more background that didn't show up to my eye when I drew it originally.  I will have to hold off judgement until it is complete.  I can now quilt it leisurely when my quilt friends come for a week in a couple days.

Yesterday I took my BLT's to a cocktail party because they are always such a big hit. I looked all over for micro greens to top the rather boring morsels with but they were no where to be found. I opted for alfalfa sprouts and I 'glued' them down with a touch of mayo.  My touch was a tad heavy handed due to the fact that I was running late, a no- no for me.  Next time I will cut an itty bitty hole in a ziplock corner and place the mayo in it and just put a dot on the top.  Yum.
I got this from my gal pal Gayle.  Ain't it the truth!


dee said...

The triptich is coming along beautifully. I would hate to part with Beatrice though-she's the BOMB!

I could really do some damage to that plate of BLT's...YUM

Miracles said...

Hubby & I gave your appy two thumbs up. We ate only your BLT Bites & my Caprese Salad Skewers. I love how you and I went from station to station to taste test all the appetizers.