Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Are Very Clever!

I got lots of emails and comments on yesterday's blog.  I was wondering if anyone would notice the hand and the diamond ring.  Those who know me to see me would know, without a doubt, that the hand with the ring is not mine.  My hands look like I clean toilets for a living and they are crooked to boot.  Way back when my girlfriend and I were taking pictures of food we had made,  she kept putting her diamond in the picture.  She started it again at the cocktail party so I just made sure she was in every picture.  One of them didn't show the hand because it was such a wide angle that when I cropped it, it cropped the hand too.  Very observant, everyone!!!

Oh, by the way, I roast garbanzo beans to use under anything that may be greasy.  You need to watch new guests because they tend to want to pop them in their mouths and they could crack a tooth.  I am so over doilies. I try to use other things to make a plate festive and cool. Clean, little flat tossing stones are also one of my favorites.
Maggie made this bacon wrapped chicken bites and they were a big hit so I put them on TommyCooks.

My new triptych is completely quilted and now it is just a matter of matching them up; no small feat usually.  These panels are small (each 17" x 30") so it shouldn't take too long.
Here is a closeup of the quilting.

Gordon has been gone for two weeks.  He is arriving home this evening.  Maggie is here and staying to see him before she goes back across the state to her own home and a fresh group of house guests.  I will hate to see her go.


dee said...

The triptich looks fabulous. I thought it was bigger and wondered how hard it must be to handle larger works. This is a great size and, of course, the quilting make the whole thing even more wonderful.
Nice work Tommy. Is it for a show?

Linda said...

Love the triptich!
I sometimes use shredded Cabbage under greasy foods, since my husband would be the one to pop a garbanzo bean in his mouth... cabbage would go untouched!