Saturday, February 02, 2013

You Crack Me Up!

Finally, I have gotten back to the three part quilt I started over two weeks ago. I am not normally like this; dropping the ball in favor of other things.
It's a relatively simple design and I almost wonder if that may be why it's not grabbing me and taking hold.  This is the second (middle) panel and I have all the parts ready to add but ran out of sunlight yesterday and that is what I need to put the pattern pieces in the proper place.
The first panel is getting lonely on the design wall.  I had better get crackin'.  I don't start the quilting until all the pieces are done so there can be some sort of flow to all three sections.
And speaking of crackin', I am so in love with the public library downloading books ( thank you Cindra), both to read like a Kindle and an audio book, that you can just have on out loud, like a radio, or on the iPod or iPhone and listen to with ear buds.  I just finished listening to 'The Piano Teacher' by Janice Lee and so, downloaded this book for today.  I have Stephen Kings 'The Long Walk' on my iPod for our long walks and I have 'Brothers Karamazov' on my iPad for actual word reading.  It is so easy to do, once you get the hang of it and it's FREE.  You just need the free app, Overdrive, and a library card number.  
I believe there are other apps that do the trick but I am fine with Overdrive.  Try it; you'll love it.

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Susan Turney said...

You crack me up! I'm so glad your thoughts of giving up the blog were just passing. I'm always happy to see a new post and getting my early morning chuckle!