Friday, February 01, 2013


I am looking for snobby nicknames for some glass ware I plan on etching.  So far I have Babs, Muffie, Skip, Biff, Sissy, and Chip.  Can you think of any?

Dinner was great last night. We had a salad, lasagna (which turned into goulash but still tasted great) and
dessert.  It was called White Chocolate Tiramisu.  It was great and simple but was very little like tiramisu.  There was no coffee, and no kahlua.  I think the chocolate leaf was the biggest hit, but no, the whole dessert was a hit and they almost licked the wine glasses clean.  My original idea was to put these in the short stubby wine glasses I bought way back when for this very purpose, but I couldn't find them; that is, until these were in the taller stemmed glasses.  The short stems magically appeared when I was looking for the ice bucket.  There was no way to transfer to the other container. Oh, well, it all worked out fine.

I just had a light bulb moment.  The lasagna - I know what happened.  The last two times I made food to fill up the freezer, I used the no cook lasagna noodles.  The casserole I used last night was made way back when and it also had the no cook noodles.  They seem to lend the taste but have no structure to them, therefore not the best choice for a dinner with friends.  That would be more fitting for G to be in his bib and cafeteria tray in the recliner watching CNN.


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I had a friend named Patrick but everyone called him Trip since he was the third. I think there are some good ones on the PGA tour.

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