Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Perfect Day

I ended up being gone most of the day yesterday. First up was the local dog show that happens every other year. A beautiful dog named John J that I know from dog park won best of show.   I prefer to watch the show
rather than enter it.  It isn't a real dog show.  It's just a funny one; to explain this further, one category is 'Pet owners that look like their dog'.  Really, are you gonna see that at Westminister?   The show ended with a visit to a favorite restaurant with some of my BFF's.  We started at the bar, with a decision to do some day drinking.  Then before we could no longer get a table we plopped down and made it a photo op.  I ordered a cuban.

Sam's iPhone cover seemed to be worthy of a photo too.  Angry dog?  We then proceeded to meet up at the designated time at dog park.  It was a perfectly beautiful day.

And as a nice segue (not!) sometimes Scrabble just can get you down.  There's nothing like a row of two consonants out of a possible seven to make you want to throw in the towel!!!

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