Saturday, March 23, 2013


Except for working out and going to dog park and attending Yappy Hour, I spent the rest of the

daylight in the kitchen.  The winter seems to be winding down and I know that I will want to have a couple impromptu gatherings before heading up north for the new granddaughter's birth and ultimately, heading north for the summer so I want to be prepared to say, 'Hey, come on over for a snack.'  First up to show you are my mini pizzas.  They are small; two bites or one if you fold it over (something I tend to do and not very lady like).  Store bought pizza dough run through my pasta machine make up the base and then brushed with olive oil and topped with drizzled tomato strips, a black olive slice and cheese laced with olive oil and oregano and s and p.  I only partially cook them (maybe five minutes or less at 500┬║) because I freeze them to use another day.
These mini cupcake lasagnas are also only partially cooked.  When you heat the frozen cakes up, if they are totally cooked, they come out of the oven looking like they were in a fire sale.

Shrimp pancakes are a favorite of mine.  They never seem to make enough though.   I have to cook them out on the lanai because it is done in a deep fryer and I hate the smell.

My plan is to continue making appetizers through  the weekend and maybe a day or two before my housekeeper comes to do the really heavy kitchen cleaning before the Easter weekend.  That's the plan!

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Miracles said...

You are one busy lady!