Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dreaming Letters

I was working on this new sweater and had a notion that I need a sweater pattern of a pig to make for my button girl.  I suppose it would be easy enough to graph one out because even though I copy
the graph from a knitting magazine onto my own larger graph paper (so I can see it!)  I could easily do it from a image of a pig, right?  I even did this whole elephant with the black ear defining lines with black yarn knitted in and didn't like it because of the shadowing of the yarn so I tore it all out; pretty much down to the beginning and left it out and then, when the elephant was done, I went back with black yarn on a large sewing needle and added the lines.  It's not exactly like the graph but only I know that; okay, maybe now you know but I am sure you will keep it on the QT.

What fun it was to open up a package sent to me from my BFF Nancy from California that contained this adorable shirt.

She is very aware of my obsession with the pig ( cutest animal on the planet and not bad as pulled pork either).  She is a doll for thinking of me.  I can't wait until she visits this summer and we have lots of time together.  She is also my Scrabble junkie.  If not for her, I wouldn't dream of the alphabet!

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Miracles said...

God bless you......you are so very industrious!
What a pain to post!!!