Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

My son is 36 today. I was thinking back on when I was 36. At 35 I had a bit of a mid life crisis and threw myself a birthday party and dressed up like Shirley Temple. Oh yeah, I did that. Now, even remotely thinking mid life was 35 is ridiculous. Peter was ten years old when I was 36. I remember thinking when I had a boy that there can't be anything more boring than a 10 year old male; I was so wrong. Age seems to iron out all the misconceptions we have, doesn't it? In another month or so, Peter will have his second little girl. Who would have thought that? I recall him saying that he never wanted to get married or have any children. I wonder if he remembers saying that?

I   am plugging away with the reconstruction of 'Something's Fishy'.  I think I am putting it on the back burner because it doesn't hold any challenge for me, seeing as how I have already made it once.  I do a little every day but a new sweater is waiting for me to knit and I am well into the construction of the 12" exchange blocks.

My variation of my mom's Brown Stew is now on Tommy Cooks.

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