Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I have a girl gathering for a brunch of eggs benedict and bloody mary's so I have to make this fast in order to get other stuff done. My dear friend Micky from up north,is joining the other eleven for an Easter dinner. Tomorrow, as soon as I can clean up from tonight, Micky, Kathy and I are heading across the state to hook up with Maggie, my college roommate for a few days. Our buddies, Lincoln and Bob just so happen to be visiting West Palm too so they will hang with us.
Looking around the house, this pig is the closest thing I have to a bunny.  It will have to do.

The osso buco is half way done and I played around with my potato

concoctions to the point that I am very pleased with them.
I will just have to reheat the potatoes.  I have to do things in odd order due to the fact that I only have one oven and like to cook big.  It's a beautiful day.  Enjoy yours!

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Susan Turney said...

You are amazing! What are those potatoes?