Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lent Cooking

My blog entries have been a lot about food lately. That may be why I decided last night to give my stomach a rest and not eat so much!  

We have been making pizza for each Friday's lent dinner and trying to perfect our cooking method.  Last week we almost nailed it with our shrimp pizza by buying a metal tray full of holes that you can use on the grill.

This is a picture of part of the tray.  It was after the fact and soaking in the sink.  That is one small problem; clean up sucks.

Our main ingredient this week was lobster and banana peppers.  G decided to cook his entire pizza on the grill.  I chose to cook it in the oven (500º) and finish it on the grill for a minute (also 500º).  My method worked best.  G's did cook but the bottom was burnt.  This is very odd to say but you could not tell the bottom was black at all.  It was one of those times when someone says, 'taste this; it's completely sour' and you have learned the hard way not to taste it.  One bad tasting mouth is enough.  But I tasted G's pizza and you could not tell it was burnt AT ALL!  How is that possible?


Miracles said...

I'll be the taste tester next Friday

Miracles said...

Publix sells disposable 'grate' pans. No need to stress over clean-up. I'll bring them over