Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maybe Jersey Shore?

I started a sweater yesterday and I have no idea how to do a certain stitch.  It's called short row wrap and turn.  It's always a challenge for me to begin with because I am left handed and all directions but the straight on scarf knitting needs to be altered for it to turn out correctly.  As it is, I have done my share of having the button holes on the wrong side of the sweater.  I do have a friend, Marcia, who is a knitter and I see almost daily at dog park.  Maybe I can bend her ear and she can have a look see at the stitch.  Would it be odd to bring my instructions and yarn and needles to the dog park?  Only if I also brought chairs so that we could sit.  Maybe, just maybe.

This last sweater I finished is not something a regular toddler would even think of having in their wardrobe.

But then, Grandma can.  I love a redhead in white and so I made Violet this moss stitch (very time consuming stitch) tunic sweater.  I can just see it paired up with some white and blue seersucker capris with bare feet on the sand doing some clam digging.  Oh, wait; I was describing Martha Stewart's grand baby.  I need to stay away from 'The Hampton Journal'.  It's affecting my brain.

This pattern did something very interesting.  When you get to the cuffs and neck roll, before you do the last 17 rows, you do 17 rows of the same stitch and count but you drop down one needle size.  That tightens up the stitches so that when you turn over the cuff, it stays in place.  Same with the neck.  Ingenious.

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