Friday, March 15, 2013

Mission Impossible

Along with the Cuban Pork Pile (yesterday's blog) we had a magnificant dessert brought to my home  

by my BFF Millie. It is called Impossible Cake.  It looks like a donut, hence the hand model showing some size deferential.  The thing about this cake is that it was done in a bundt pan and in the pan first goes caramel, then chocolate cake batter and then flan.  When it comes out of the oven

the flan has gone to the bottom of the pan (top when presented) and the caramel has landed in the center (although it was first in the bunt pan) and the chocolate cake batter ends up on the bottom (even though it started in the middle), between the flan and the caramel.  That is the 'impossible' in the name.  And besides that, is is fantastic to eat!!!!  There's that hand model again!!!!


Deb said...

Did you get the recipe for us? Sure sounds fun to make with kids who are old enough to see those changes. Also sounds very delicious!

Beth in TN said...

Here's one recipe. Also known as chocoflan