Friday, March 22, 2013

More Foodstuffs

Last night a bunch of us went to an art fair that supplied food and wine. It's the best way to ensure a successful opening. And the appetizers passed were different and plentiful; my kind of gathering. I bought a wall piece made of mixed media which I can pick up on Sunday when the show/sale is over. I will show it to you then.

I was intrigued by a Pinterest entry that was the fast and easy way to make hard boiled eggs.  I gave it a shot.
The directions said to place the egg across the mini muffin tin opening to guarantee that the yolk is in the middle (probably for deviled eggs).  Place in a preheated 325ยบ oven and leave in for 20 minutes.  I did that and had a cold water bath waiting.  That was done Wednesday eve.  Yesterday morning (Thursday) I decided to check one out for doneness.  I was still runny; kinda like a soft boiled egg.  I removed the eggs from the water and did the process again, leaving them in for another 10 minutes.  I was smarter this time and only removed one from the oven and tested it after putting it in the icy cold bath.  Still not done.  They baked another ten minutes before they were done.
They formulated this rusty surface the longer they were in the oven.  Thankfully, most of these marks were easily removed just by the water bath.  The cooked just fine and they are yellow yolked rather than that creepy green they sometimes get, but for me a pan  of boiling water is simpler.  But, I had to try.

I got these bananas the other night when we went to Millie and Richards for dinner.  They have a thriving banana tree.  That would be nice to have.  Unfortunately I have an unproductive key lime tree, a meyer lemon tree, a ruby red grapefruit tree and a navel orange tree that I can't count on at all.  I am not real good at the gardening.

I ordered veal shanks quite early for my Easter feast because frankly you can't count on the butchers around here.  We figured to get them early and stash them in the freezer and then there is no last minute let down.  I repackaged them for freezing and kept out a couple to experiment with.  So far I am having eleven for Easter dinner.


Miracles said...

Mmm...on the veal.

Robbie said...

I also saw the 'baked egg' on FB...thought about trying it...glad you did the work for me! I'll stick to my tried and true boiling eggs!