Thursday, March 07, 2013

Not A Good Fit

I have no pictures today.  I had every intention on having a camera full; in fact, I took my camera's battery charger.  Our road trip that started yesterday, ended yesterday.  It took more time to pack the car that the stay at our ultimate designation.  What was to have been a fun filled three day stint, ended up being less than two hours.  Here's my story.

We had this plan in affect for more than a month.  I have always wanted to go and visit The Villages of Florida; a retirement community that has been in place for many many years.  I don't have a bucket list but this is one of those things in the back of my mind that sparked an interest.  When I first looked into a visit I found that there wasn't a golf cart (it's a golf cart community) to rent for almost a month.  That made me want to go even more so I made the first reservations I could and believe it or not, G was up for it.

We left in the morning and the trip, with a stop for a snack of course, took four hours.  The Villages is smack in the upper middle of Florida, not far from Orlando.  We GPS's ourselves to our hotel easy enough and after checking in, found ourselves in the perfect location (thanks to the Rewards bene's); on the lowest floor by the least used outside door.  It was a Marriot and one of the few places that you can bring your dog with.  The room was very very small.  No problem; we won't be in it much anyway.

Going to get our golf cart was next on the agenda.  It was probably less than three blocks away but took fifteen minutes to get there.  The streets were narrow and congested and full of what appeared to be angry people.  Everyone wanted a straight shot to wherever they were going.  There was lots of horn blowing.  I did not think much of this at the time; that came later.

We got the cart and met back at the Marriot parking lot (with someone yelling at me to stop! when I was at a complete stop at the time!)  We go through the lobby to get a map and our coats out of our closet sized room and the woman at the desk said that we needed to check in;  we explained that we already did, bla bla bla and then there was a mention of signing some dog release so I took Bella and went on to the room.  G followed moments later and said that we needed to get out of there because even tho' we paid up front, with them fully knowing that we had a dog they said we need to pay $100 for Bella.  Can you believe it?

So the plan was to move somewhere else.  The phone book in the room was only for the Villages so we were finding it difficult to find a pet friendly motel and the App on our phone for some reason wasn't connecting right.  We decided to get in the car and find a place.  This is on principle mind you;  I would have no problem wiling away the afternoon in Margarittaville and spending that $100 on libations with a side of chips and salsa.

We had some more hassles and in the back of my mind I knew this was not the place for me, even for a day.  G knew it too and while we were getting in the car he said, let's get out of here and go home.  It sounded like music.  We spent the next half hour returning the golf cart (again, no small feat) and were as happy as clams just to go home.  There are some places where you just don't fit in and we found ours


Beth in TN said...

Thanks for the insight. We had some neighbors who moved there. I always wondered how they fit in. They were most likely some of the angry people bent on getting somewhere quickly that you ran into!

maggie z. said...

all i have ever heard about this place stinks! break-ins,boozers,drugs,rape and swingers!!yikes!!!! said...

I have lived in The Villages for 6 years. I am sorry that your visit was so unfortunate. Yes, this retirement community of over 80.000 and growing has it's share of grumpy old people. But it is also the nicest place we have lived. it is beautiful, spotless, safe, very active (over 40 golf courses,(the executive courses are FREE), over 60 public pools, golf cart paths to make everything safely accessible by bike or golf cart. There is free music for dancing and entertainment 365 nights a year on the 3 Town Squares. There are classes and groups for every imaginable activity. There is a Life Long Learning College with over 1400 year round classes. We partner with UCF to develop health care models for healthy aging. We are 1 hour from Disney and the grandkids love it here, as well as our children. It is not perfect as there will always be rude people and we have no beach. BUT, our home values are going UP and they are building and selling over 100 homes a month. It is not for everyone and it's good to get out of "THe Bubble" occasionally but it's a good place to "put our stuff".......... Sue

Miracles said...

I know what works for me and the villages doesn't sound like it. All that organized entertainment doesn't interest me. Also, I've been educated enough....I don't need anymore college courses. Call me closed, but I'm not looking to act out mid/late life behavior!

JJO said...

I tried the Villages also. It only took 3 days to realize that the crowds and the restrictions on everything was not for me. Try to get into a restaurant for dinner. Forget it. Happy hour starts at 4 and lasts till they go home. I'm not one for eating dinner at 10.

Bonnie said...

My cousin took me to lunch one day while I was visiting her in Florida. It had the feeling of the Stepford Wives...if you get the drift.