Monday, March 04, 2013

Something's Fishy

I have finally got all things together and am going to remake this quilt.  I have already started on the smaller background under the original quilt that measures 50 x 50.

I am switching the color scheme a bit, making the fish heads more violet than mauve because the new background doesn't have the violet that the original background.  I have always loved this quilt; everything about it's composition and color but I hated the workmanship.  I got talked into using fusing and

raw edge applique and should never have done it.  I know me and it just is messy and not the look I go for.  It's in much worse condition due to me carrying it back and forth from north to south, having this resurrection in mind, therefore not worrying about it's condition.

The actual parts are all made, patterns on freezer paper and spray starched seams.

I was just random in doing the triangles.  I could easily have to little or too many.

I am not cutting off the bunny ears that are sticking out until they are ready to be sewn down.  Cutting them early tends to make the crisp ironed seams loosen up.

Did you know there was such a thing as a fish eagle?

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