Friday, March 29, 2013

The Happenings

I have been chronically tired lately. G and I have diagnosed it as the residual effects from the red tide. My breathing has not returned to normal and it has affected my ability to sleep normally. I feel fine otherwise. I am still constantly dabbing a dripping nose and that is getting old. I didn't get the hang of the inhaler but after days and days of being tired, I decided I needed to be proactive. Hey, I am diggin' the naps; it's the fact that I can lay for an hour and never go to sleep that bugs me.
This little one may have something to do with the lack of catchup sleep.  The kids are here for Easter next door and Bella has made it her job to bark non stop at them when she hears them outside - which is all day!  It's like a workout tho'; she is down for the night in this photo I took of her last night and it isn't even dark yet!  Of course, she chose the chair where I just put the freshly washed, dried and ironed fabric I prepared for a quilt for out new granddaughter that will be arriving next month.  Back to the washer.  I will be more careful as to where I put the fabric next time!

I have found a new sitcom that I love.  It's called the Mindy Project and it is on Fox.  It is very funny and is  on On Demand in its entirety .  I have lost my love of DWTS this season and with Idol no longer on my must see list, I have been a bit floundering while knitting at night.  I am trying to widen my likes.  I am waiting for the return of Homeland, Suits, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

I have finished all my appetizer making and also have finished the seven 12" quilts for trading.  I will hold off on showing them until it is closer to the time I am to distribute them.

I have finished the remake of the old quilt of mine called 'Something's Fishy' and can't get past the fact that I have no idea as to how to quilt it.  This is not a very good photo.  It is on the design wall on top of the original and that's why the top looks funny.  I can't free motion, which it really screams for so I just don't know how to finish it.  Oh dear.

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Robbie said...

Bella is a hoot! If I could only get Kalee to sleep all night. We've got her spoiled into bringing her in bed with us between 2-6 a.m.!! she sleeps in crate next to my bed and of course I hear every little swallow, move or fart she makes! Hope you feel better!!