Monday, March 11, 2013

The More The Merrier!

I have gotten together with five girls that are going to exchange 12" square quilts.  There are no rules except for the size.  The deadline for completion is July 15th (in the mail).  Some of the girls work and have deadlines that need to be completed before this exchange can be worked on.  

Not so much for me.  I immediately drew my design.  The end product

varies from the original sketch but that's what art is all about.
I decided I liked a smoother circle look.
I cut my pattern pieces out of freezer paper.  I am making seven quilts in total.  I want one for my own collection and one for the SAQA auction next time around.  You know that I am all about mass production; in art and in food.  I staple the freezer paper (all going the same way) so that I can do multiple cuts at once.

When thinking of my palette, I had nothing in mind until I spied this large tote
I received for Christmas from my daughter in law Maria.  I just love it and the colors may be a bit Easter but I love the palette and decided to steal the color scheme.

Now it's time to go to work.


Irene said...

Not real efficient here. Mine are all going to be different. Will be a hard choice to figure out which one to keep!

Susan Turney said...

Ha! I just read Melody's blog and then came to yours. I know you're friends. Birds of a feather....