Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Weather!!! Sick Of Talking About It!

It is freezing here; I mean it's not yet 50º.  We went out with visiting friends last night and had to dress for winter.  I have shopping and lunch plans today and postponed it for a little later because I didn't want to get out of sweats.  Come on now.  Next Monday it will be April!

My Easter count is up to eleven.  I was hoping not to combine tables like I did last year but it's impossible not to.  I am working on my menu and think I have it all figured out.  I am having dessert and salad made by someone else.  I am still dreaming about Millie's salad I had at her house last week
so when she offered to bring something, I suggested her salad.  I also want her plates.  They make all food look better.  My friends Wendy and Kathy are making Limoncello Tiramisu.  I am gonna play around with the potato concoction I want to make.  My girlfriend Micky just flew down yesterday and she will be joining us as well as a few others.  I gotta go.

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Miracles said...

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