Saturday, March 09, 2013

Three Guesses

We had such a cold day that I decided to use my mom's old recipe and make stew. It's not the typical  
stew because it doesn't have a hint of tomato in it.  Back in the day G called it brown stew but it's been a staple in our house for a cold evening for so long that it's just stew.  'Do you want stew?'  'Is the weather stew weather?'   'How about some crusty bread and stew?'  ' Want something that sticks to your bones?'  You get the drift.  It doesn't matter how much I make, the leftovers never have any meat in them, and the leftovers are slim pickin's anyway.  I probably make it like my mom always did.  She could stretch a pound of any meat (usually with the help of a mallet!) like nobody's  business. I will post it on TommyCooks soon.

I use a Tervis Tumbler each morning for my coffee.  I actually bought them up north at the Meijer store but they are actually made locally in either Venice or Sarasota.  Their claim to fame is that they don't sweat so you don't get the ring of moisture on your table from the cold or hot.  I use them because they keep coffee very drinkable for a very long time.  Oh, and they hold two cups of our Flavia machine.  My studio is a separate building and it saves me steps.  Yesterday I neglected to put the cap on correctly and did something to my keyboard when it spattered all over the place.  The return button still doesn't work.  Hopefully, a day in the sun will dry it out.  I felt like the person in the  control room in that movie about nuclear reactors that Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas were in.  I remember a spoof on it the SNL did when someone spilt a coke on a keyboard.  Name that movie?


Corky said...

Wasn't it The China Syndrome ?

Miracles said...

It was finger-licking good. Good ole home cooking!

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks a bunch. Now I'm making beef stew for dinner today. Plenty of left overs here since I'm the only one that eats it.