Sunday, March 03, 2013

Today's A Start

I decided right this minute that I am going to the store and get one of those little journals.  In it I am going to put all the stuff that I learn everyday and forget as soon as I discover it.  I have already scribbled down my first two entries.  Yesterday I got a forward from a girlfriend of very nifty (yeah, nifty) household tips and she commented that they were very good if we would just remember them.  I never thought much about it at the time but I must have had it in my subconscious because I woke up with it on my mind.

My first two entries  are

Use paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls (split like a hotdog bun) to attach to wrapping paper to avoid unrolling.

Place a rubberband on an ear of corn and roll it back and forth to remove silk.

Yeah know, it's the little stuff!

This addition of the triptych is complete.

It has no name.  I'm unhappy with it and just have to let it go.  I started on this in mid January
and it is a bit of an albatross .

I intend on refining the construction and tweaking it a bit but right now, it's dead to me.


Robbie said...

Rubber band on ear of corn! Who knew! NOT ME!! Triptych is cool...

Miracles said...

I wrote a paper on household hints and got an 'A'.
Don't look at the Triptych piece for a few days so you can approach it with fresh eyes.