Friday, March 01, 2013

What A Ball!

My body has succumbed to the red tide. My symptoms have progressed gradually since I came to Florida but I really didn't see it coming.  First was the postnasal drip I have had for two months (with a red mark under my nose that won't go away).  Then it was a very dry cough, that was sporadic. I finally went to the clinic yesterday and after an hour exam and a fifteen minute respiratory therapy, (kinda like a constant inhaler that was hooked up electrically), I was told to go directly to my drugstore (Walgreens) and pick up my prescriptions. Then I was to sit in the car and take the first six doses of the corticosteroid all at once, rather than the splitting up of them through the day as the packaging suggests. Then I was to use an inhaler, much like the one I used when I had sports related asthma, back in the day. I feel fine tho', except that I can't breathe regularly. It is already better than it was yesterday. There have been many people locally who have been hospitalized and have grave problems so I consider myself lucky.

I decided to catch up on some of my taped shows I have neglected so I grabbed a ball of the yarn that is used to make curly scarves and decided to wrap it.  This type of yarn gets all turned around and twisted while you are using so in the past I have learned to unroll it and re roll it to save some sanity on my part (and those around me!)
Before, I have used a piece of cardboard to wrap it around but because I had just changed the paper towels, I decided to wrap it around part of the tube.

When the beginning of the yarn is started, I tape it down and in the past I have taped it regularly on the ends to make it stretch out.  For some reason I was having difficulty keeping it stretched so I started to use pins.  Then I realized that if the pins were secured sufficiently I could hoop the ends of the yarn over the pin as I went around, making it much easier to do.  I saves lots of strain on the hands.  Jayne, you gotta try this!


Gayle from MI said...

My dad wound up in the ER with the Red Tide crap when they were in Florida in late January/early Feb. He's still having a hard time breathing back at home. I had never heard of it until then. Get better soon.

dee said...

never heard of this before.
Hope you are much better real soon.