Saturday, March 02, 2013

Whether Or Not

I misrepresented myself yesterday because I am not sick.  I just have labored breathing.  Lots of people are sick from red tide but I am not.

We are having a cold spell here in sunny Florida. It was in the sixties yesterday and will stay in high 50's - 60's through at least Tuesday if the forecast is correct.  Everyone here feels bad when it is cold in season because for most, their company come down for vacation and to get warm.  I am always trying to console saying the we don't have anything to do with the actual weather.  Probably if we lived somewhere where there was more to do, the warmness of the air wouldn't be such an issue.  I personally could care less because at least it isn't cold and snowy.  This is my kind of Florida weather.  It also cuts down on exposed body parts which cuts down on sunscreen application.  Yeah!

You can see the snow in the background when G was home to do some work (and play; an opera, some Blackhawk games).  He normally leaves (good timing) to go north when the house is packed with women.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  He is showing Violet (in a dress I knit for her) the finer points on adding apps to the phone.  When I see the string cheese in her hand it reminds me that the last time I bought it was when the kids were little.  It goes full circle.

This piece is flummoxing me.  I can't seem to line up the sides.  I may have to rethink how to do this.  I have decided to scrap this project.  Not really scrap; just finish it up to the best of my ability, with a few tweaks

and start again with the same basic pattern with maybe a few changes.  One of the tweaks is this place where the orange went too high on the green. To eliminate any shadowing, I had cut the green too close to the seam.  So short of starting over I painted green paint onto the orange, covering it somewhat.
It's pretty obvious close up (about three inches) but you can't even see it from a normal distance.  I want this done today!

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