Friday, April 26, 2013

A Diamond In The House

I have been fighting with my sewing machine for a couple years.  I am referring to the Designer One Viking.  I know I sew too fast; I have heard it for years and frankly, I don't care; it didn't jam up every other start until a year or two ago.  Since then, I have spent half my time undoing the clog I have created in the bobbin.  My machine tech has told me that the parts wear down and I need to decrease my starting speed. I have been beating up these machines since 2000.   I have tried.  It ain't gonna happen.  Sooooooo,

I bought myself a new machine.

This is the same series of machine that I have and am used to.  It's the Viking Designer Diamond.  I have heard that my Designer One was the last model that wasn't made in China (bla bla bla bla)  but I read hundreds of reviews and frankly I am not gonna live that long that I really care.  In fact, I am guessing that I will probably buy another machine before I croak.  I feel that confident about my longevity.

And because I have two abodes and both of my old Vikings are the same age and get the same shameful treatment, I am guessing that if the new Diamond works out, I will be getting another.  I looked at the new Bernina and I may as well buy another car, it is so expensive.  Plus, I have owned many Bernina's and I will be challenged by saying this but  I THINK THAT THE VIKING AND THEN THE JANOME ARE FAR BETTER MACHINES.  Okay, I got it off my chest.


Mike said...

I hope you will be bringing your new machine home.

Gayle from MI said...

I have never had a Viking but my friends who own them love them. I am very happy with my Janome machines. I have my original one that I use for classes/quilt retreats and it is still going strong. I have had my 6500 for ten years now without a hitch. I agree with you about Berninas. They are nice machines but so over priced. Enjoy your new machine! And hopefully pretty soon your new BABY!!!!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Congratulations on your new machine! I love my viking Diamond, I'm sure you will too. Wonderful stitching, great quilting, and you can get the big quilts under the longer harp. Yay!

Corky said...

Several of my friends have diamonds and love them. A new machine is always so exciting.

Robbie said...

I think we just all "love the one we're with"....and it's whatever you get used to. I love my old workhorse 1090 Bernina but not so crazy about my 440 Bernina...because I worked at the quilt shop where they sold them I got 50% off...worked for me...I've heard good things about Janome and the Viking..glad you are happy! That's what counts...we don't want an unhappy Tommy!

Diary of an evil stepmother said...

Hi Tommy,

A few weeks ago I tried the new Bernina 780 and I was so disappointed. For starters I could not get a decent straight stitch. My dealer contacted Bernina and was told that if I bought the single hole plate (at my expense) then the machine would do a decent straight stitch. The machine does a very wide stitch and because of it the internal teeth of the feed dog has been removed, not great for piecing anything. On the other hand some of my friends love it. The cost was enormous, so I just did not bother. I have a little Bernina 380 that I take to workshops and that is a dream ( it could do with a longer arm, but has a fantastic stitch).
Good luck with your new one. It is always nice to have a new toy!