Friday, April 12, 2013

Farmer Greenjeans

I spent the afternoon a couple days ago at a garden tour. Most of it was ornamental gardens but the last
one of six on the tour was a eating garden.  It is lovingly tended by a retired physician .  He personally was giving a tour but we were late for the start and missed a lot of explanation so I was kinda on my own.  Unfortunately, unlike some gardens, the stuff wasn't labeled.  I can't even describe the sizes of these vegetables.  They had italian (flat leaf) parsley that had leaves on it that were bigger than my hand.

This lettuce was monster too.  I would guess that each head was about 18 inches across.

This was my first glimpse of a papaya tree with almost ripe fruit.

Thanks to my friends, the Murgia's, I have had the pleasure of seeing a banana tree in someone's yard.

This broccoli is the size of a bushel basket!

This is monster cabbage of some kind only I am not sure what type it is.

This rhubarb cluster reminds me of a large crop that G's mother had at her lake house that was used  for pies and bread and jam, back in the early years of our marriage.

I don't know what this is but it seems familiar.

There were so many things on this property you can't imagine.  There were all herbs, different cactus, fruits and berries, more vegetables that 50 families could harvest and eat.  Unfortunately, it was out in full sun and it was high in the 80ยบ's so I didn't stay as long as I would have if it was cooler and cloudy.
I was very inspiring.


dee said...

Oh My, what a good back he must have. I long for a garden like that but the back just won't make it anymore. Beautiful veggies. You could decorate with them they are so pretty.

Robbie said...

Wouldn't this place be perfect for 'picking' and 'grinning'! I mean eating!