Saturday, April 13, 2013


This photo needs a bit of starring at to figure out what it is.  I was with my friend Jo Ann at the garden tour and halfway through it we decided to go and get her bichon and bring it to my house, with going to dog park after the tour on our minds.  We picked up Jazzmine (she looks almost like Bella) and seeing how the dogs were friends, had no problem leaving them together.

When we were done with the tour, we drove up to the front door of my house and there was one dog in each of the sidelight windows.  Within a second or two, Jazzmine went to Bella's window and if you can make it out, Bella did a neck lock around Jazzmine to stop her from being up front and center.  It only lasted a second but it was so damn funny.  I love when Bella's ears go up like this!  It's just like the header of the blog, with her ears like that.  And happily, they are still friends!

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Robbie said...

OMG...I recognized immediately the two dogs (ok, part of two dogs!) in the window and starting laughing even before I read your post!! What a hoot! Priceless!