Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

This is last night's sunset from my living room.  Wow, I forgot how beautiful it is.  The sunset at my house in Florida is in the front of the house so I don't get to see it  all the time due to the studio being in the back of the house.

Here's an interesting scenario that I was just made aware of last night.  I have a housekeeper.  I know.  I am spoiled and I know it and still don't care.  I got an email from her after I notified her that we have returned, Let's call her 'Jill'.

Here is the email.

I wanted to talk to you about bringing "Melissa' (daughter of Jill and mother of a newborn) with me for
work.  She has been helping me so that she doesn't have to go back to working at the Country Club and worry about having someone other than us watch the baby.  It has been working out very well, when the baby needs something, one of us does fro her and one continues working.  I have been giving her half my pay.  Melissa works very hard and is actually an asset to me.  She was amazing help in the process of stripping, sealing and waxing your slate floor.  What are your feelings on this?

What are my feelings?  I don't want anyone in my house that isn't family for 16 hours a week,  Jill included, but I am not willing to do the work so I pay her well for what she does and I stay in the studio.  Do I want a twenty year old mother here with a screaming kid?  What? did I just have a lobotomy  that I forgot I had?  I was hesitant to blog this because there is a chance that Jill may read my blog but then I thought, who cares?  I told her as much last night.  I replied to her in this email.

No, I do not approve of Melissa and/or her baby coming with you here.  It is not an environment that I condone.  If you find that a problem, I understand.  I will give you a good referral.  I do not want a baby in my house.  It is not professional.  If you want to continue the way we originally agreed upon to do that is fine.  Frankly, I knew something was up by the condition the house was in; just not up to par. You decide and I will completely understand.

Just picturing this additional two people in my house two days a week for eight hours, makes my blood pressure go up.


Lori said...

I agree with you. I work in the corporate world and it is the same situation with working from home. I enjoy the luxury of working from home when a repairman is due, etc. but I don't understand when people make it 100% about what is most convenient for them. I can relate to Jill's wishes, but I can't imagine that she would be as productive with the distractions. My company still needs to make a profit and you still expect to get the services you've paid for without the risk or concern of a baby and her mother in the mix.

Mike said...

I really don't hate babies, but I sure wouldn't want a service provider bringing a baby to my house while performing the service. First, they cry, are sick a lot and a pain in the neck in general, unless of course, they are your own baby. What is Jill thinking? If she wants to help her daughter, she needs to stay home and watch the baby and let her daughter go out and get a job. If it takes a village to raise a baby, then I want to move.

Arleen said...

I wish I could be more assertive with my wants. I would've just said "sure...ok...not to worry..." When deep down I am really thinking "are you kidding me?"

A. Green

Robbie said...

Geezzz...I'm like Arleen! Heck, I'd probably offer to feed the rug runner so Jill & her daughter wouldn't get behind in their work! Yep...that's the Village, Mike! People like Arleen and I.
Good for you Tommy...I think your reply was spot on!