Monday, April 29, 2013


We arrived home safe and sound and  have weather in the 70's.  Maybe I brought the warm weather.  Oh course we arrived with no phone or internet working so that was several calls, both yesterday and today to my BFF Comcast.  I took G to work this morning because he left his car there for someone to use.  Bella couldn't believe we were getting back in the car!

Got a question for anyone that knows about this.  Yesterday we were on the road early in the morning, I noticed that most of the cows in the pasture were sitting down or rather on the ground rather than upright on their legs, like they always are.  I can't recall seeing that before.

On the baby front, there's nothing to report.  Maybe Maria can hold off until Friday and then the baby will share a birthdate with her Granny.  I gotta go unpack.


Mary Ann said...

Cows do lay down, usually all together facing the same direction. Siesta time. If there is bad weather coming they will stand with their back to the weather.

Robbie said...

I was raced on a farm and never had cows sit...they sometimes would be lying but they would look disjointed just because of their size. I dont' think they can weren't drinking some vino on your way home were you??? Just asking!

Linda said...

welcome home - I would'nt worry about the cows, they lie down all the time, and I was raised on a farm.