Sunday, April 07, 2013

Little Birdie

Not having email is comparable to always looking for glasses to put on even tho' you have had your cataracts removed and don't need them any longer. It is such a habit that you feel you can't even hear correctly if you don't have your glasses on. Our neighborhood has had a comcast
truck on our few streets for three days.  I was without email for almost the entire time I came back from my east coast visit.  In fact, I do believe that is the reason my email/internet didn't work over yonder.  Comcast changed the SMTP of our outgoing mail.  Just like that.  I spent at least four hours (and so did G) on the phone.  It's a long story and I am already tired.  Finally, it has been resolved.

I was quilting on the current quilt when I heard a familiar thump on the sliding glass door of the studio.

Yet another bird could not detect the glass and ran into it.  And seriously?  The windows aren't even clean.  Talk about needing glasses!  I saw this tiny little thing have the shakes and then after being on it's back for several minutes it flipped to it's left and turned itself right side.  There it

lingered for quite a long while and just between you and me?  Not looking so good.  Then, after a few minutes, his color started to come back and

I got the look that things were looking up.

Determination set in and this little guy was not gonna let a possible broken neck get in his way.  About 45 minutes later
I looked back and he was gone.  He left a spot of something white for me to remember him by.  I hope he is okay.  I probably took fifty pictures of him.  He made me waste a lot of time.

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