Thursday, April 04, 2013

Post Easter

I missed three days of blogging. I was, along with my friends Micky and Kathy, on the east coast of
Florida visiting my BFF Maggie.  I took my computer but unfortunately she didn't have WiFi.  I spent three days watching Micky and Kathy on their satellite iPads (Maggie will have none of that) but my iPad was at home.  I figured I didn't need both the laptop and the iPad.  It was probably just as well;   I get very frustrated when I use the laptop as just that, a laptop.   As I have said before, I just dock it and use a big monitor and mouse and keyboard.  Then I get home last night and play a little Scrabble and the internet goes out.  It came back to life about fifteen minutes ago.

Easter was such a whirlwind, that it came and went in the blink of an eye.  The day was spent looking for the perfect eggs benedict with all the girls.  We ended up finding it but it was not the best.
But their was a bright side to it all, along with some great Bloody Mary's and good laughs, I got to take a picture of our server's earrings.  They looked like thin metal and I discussed the fact that they didn't scratch her face all up.  Then she tells me that they are weightless and made out of ribbon.  I will have to google these.  They are very cute.  Pinterest probably has something comparable.  They were very cute.  Oh, I already said that.

Easter dinner was great; I had twelve peeps for the dinner.  I made Osso Buco
along with veal stock and had haricot verts with almonds and butter and these

I cut thin slices of russet potatoes and in a overlarge cupcake tin I layered the potatoes in a greased (with butter) cup.  Every other row was salt and peppered and to seal the layers I put the teeniest bit of crumbled gruyere cheese.  I baked them at 450º
Millie brought her wonderful salad
and Wendy made both apple pie and Limoncello Tiramisu.  Every one went away from the table happy and full.

A very quick cleanup took place with every one joining in, knowing that we were leaving in the morning for West Palm with our suitcases, leftover food and the dogs.  G, headed north to freeze while watching the Chicago White Sox beat Kansas City.

We are all back home, safe and sound.

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