Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Stuff

Maggie has crazy wonderful random chairs around her house.  Probably my favorite is this one in which the design is in a bit of relief.  The center circle is higher than the rest of the tapestry.  It is very unique and I pretty much couldn't take my eyes off of them.

We went to a fabulous restaurant while visiting the east coast. It is called The Pelican Cafe in Lake Park, Florida; only a stones throw from Maggies.  Mark and Karen, the owners, are special friends.  Last fall I sat next to them at Maggie's son's wedding and after a gab session the couple found out that I was a chick that can handle a needle and thread and requested some pelican pillows, as a joke.  I thought it would be a hoot to surprise them so a couple days after returning from the wedding I whipped these up.  Although they keep them at home to preserve them, they brought them to the restaurant when they knew I was coming.  How cute is that?  The unique thing about this restaurant is that they have live singers during dinner service and there is a permanent dance floor where anyone can excuse themselves from their appetizer or entree and cut a bit of rug.  We met up with friends from dog park that were in the neighborhood for Easter season and got ourselves a big table right next to the dance floor.  We had a wonderful night.

While on the other coast, we took a car ride and saw where Trump lived and all his illustrious neighbors and got to take a cruise around The Breakers.  I actually didn't realize there was a real place with that name.  Every town has a shabby motel called The Breakers; in fact, wasn't that the scene of some crime in the movie Body Heat?  Anyway, it was really something.

Grace Kelly and Bella (with DeeDee somewhere close where there was cool tile) loved visiting the east coast.  The dog park was a couple blocks away and they had the run of the entire house.  These two little ladies look like the decorator had them in mind when they accessorized this couch!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Love Maggie's decorating style and house....she's my. Kind of stylist....unique and eclectic !

Robin Walston said...

Saw you quilts today at the cincinnati quilt show. Loved them. It was great to see them in person after seeing them on your blog.