Wednesday, April 24, 2013

School Days

I awoke yesterday with a very nice breeze coming from what seemed to be every direction. I did some mindless piecing for my scrap quilts for a couple hours but got bored fast so decided to take advantage of the weather and play school.
I ironed some cotton and washed the outside table before I taped the fabric down so it wouldn't move around.

I got my supplies ready, including these new fine line squeeze bottles I got from Houston's quilt show.  I got everything filled only to find out that the gel glue would not go through the fine line.  What a cleanup headache.   I spent the afternoon before dog park and after making

first three bigger glue drawings and then taking off the driest,

I made room for three more smaller pieces and finished them up.  Sometimes I get lazy and just don't do something because of the setup, like this for instance.  But, as I get older, I just think of my wonderful friend Jean Ann who always says, enjoy the process (or similar wording) and I just take it slow and easy (not EASY for me).  I actually have to be conscious of that.  It does make it easier but sometimes I just say screw it and won't even bother with the project.

Look up at the word driest (I made it bold).  It just looks wrong.  I even googled it  right now(which I am normally to lazy to do) and it appears to be the correct spelling.  I want to change it to priest for some reason.

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Robbie said...

That darn catholic upbringing comes into play in our lives all the time! Although, the guilt part is always the biggest one for me. Can't wait to see your 'glue' pieces finished. I'm have withdrawal on art work...all my 'stuff' is packed up and ready to put in the car! Leaving sunny Fl. for rainy Michigan on the 2nd! Did you find your ribbon yarn?